Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

5 min readDec 2, 2022
LeoLabs staff during our 2022 team retreat in Palm Springs, California.

Hi, we’re LeoLabs. You’ve probably heard of us. We’re the company building commercial space radars and services for LEO, changing the way we track and manage objects in space. We’ve been doing that since 2016.

(You’ve likely seen our free LEO visualization. No? Well, take a look. 🌎)

We started small, just four co-founders coming together with a passion for space safety and sustainability. We planted our roots in the heart of Silicon Valley, benefiting from the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit that infiltrates every coffee shop in town. We built our first fully owned and operated phased-array radar facility in Midland, Texas—the perfect spot for a burgeoning space company to prove its technology.

LeoLabs CEO and co-founder Dan Ceperley unveils our radar site in Midland, Texas in 2017.

We quickly grew as a team, as a company, and as a leader. How? By addressing the needs of the space industry with creative ideas built on decades of expertise in space safety and radar technology. Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve been pretty successful — and now, we’re embarking on the next phase of our journey.

Our evolution from a small startup to a scaling, global company

LeoLabs’ leadership answer questions from staff during our 2022 team retreat.

Like the title of this post suggests, we’re ready to re-introduce ourselves. For months, our internal brand and marketing team has been toiling away, flipping through color palettes, critiquing logo sketches, and digging through web designs.

And today, we’re thrilled to finally unveil our new brand identity which reflects our transition from a small startup to a scaling, global company. (We now have multiple offices, 100+ staff, and 6 independent radars across 8 countries and 4 continents!)

Don’t worry, we’re not saying goodbye to what made us great. This mission-driven rebrand simply embraces our growing role as an industry leader in today’s dynamic space era — while freshening up our look.

At its core, the new brand reaffirms our commitment to addressing our customers’ needs by increasing service levels and expanding our global radar network to maximize coverage of LEO. This rebrand underscores our mission of propelling the dynamic space era with superior information using the world’s first vertically integrated commercial space operations stack tracking LEO at scale — Vertex™.

(P.s. Exciting radar announcements coming soon. 👀)

An aerial view of one of our radar sites. We currently have four operational sites with more in development.

Here are the key elements of our brand evolution:

A logo fit for the future: Our new logo gives a nod to our legacy while also embracing a more modern design fit for the new space era. With a simplified “Earth” mark and streamlined, hand-kerned lettering, this new logo is modern and simple, as well as forward-thinking and intuitive.

Grounded, bold, sustainable colors: The new color palette was built to stand out. It incorporates a deep emerald shade of green and an uplifting mint green, alongside a fresh spin on the blue and gold found in our first logo. Within this palette, we lead with green, a color that signifies our connection to Earth — even if we’re busy looking up into space.

Retro futuristic visuals: A retro futuristic iconography and illustration style reflect our nod to the past while also embracing the future. Featuring innovations iconic in space exploration, like satellites and rocket bodies, these visuals aid in the explanation of our technology and ideas across our digital ecosystem. The brand will also be showcased through visually creative swag items and exhibit booths.

Unique, clear naming: Our newly rebranded product suite is as unique as the capabilities themselves, clearly differentiated from our competitors and anchored to our forward-thinking brand. Every LeoLabs-owned service or product has a name that follows a recognizable cadence: the “Leo” brand followed by a one-syllable word describing the product’s function.

An accessible, fluid website: Our new website serves as the digital foundation of our brand, encapsulating it in a symphony of color, iconography, and illustrations. It gives users an experience fitting for the space industry: where ideas move fast and clarity is prized.

A vibrant, data-driven content hub: To keep up with the rapid pace of change in low Earth orbit, we’ve created LeoPulse — a content hub which features analysis and insights that you can’t find anywhere else. From quarterly reviews to monthly thought leadership pieces, we’re “demystifying” LEO one data point at a time.

A mission statement that reflects our role in today’s space environment: “We exist to propel the dynamic space era with superior information.” We’re here to support innovation, and we’re driven by curiosity, passion, and know-how.

So, what do you think? We know it’s not New Year’s yet but it’s never too early for a little self-improvement, right?

Visit to just check out our new look, or take a peek at our social channels.

Until next time, ad astra! ✨




We're propelling the dynamic space era with superior information.