Introducing LeoLabs Collision Avoidance

Satellite operators now have a dedicated commercial platform backed by its own worldwide radar network to aid them in safely and economically operating their spacecraft.

Streaming Conjunctions

Miss Distances from independent data sources shown in a LeoLabs Conjunction Analysis Report

On-Demand Ephemeris Screenings

Summary results of an example on-demand ephemeris screening

Enhanced Secondary Object Access

User menu for submitting a tasking request for increased radar prioritization for an object of interest

APIs and Web Analytics Tools

Summary section of a LeoLabs Conjunction Analysis Report between a rocket body and debris object
Real-time 3D visualization of a satellite operator’s upcoming conjunctions
3D animation of a real conjunction between an operational satellite and piece of debris

At LeoLabs, we believe keeping tabs on your satellites should be as easy as opening Google Maps on your phone and getting directions to the grocery store.

External Data Ingestion

LeoLabs Collision Avoidance — system architecture for multi-source data aggregation

As an example, operators currently using only alerts from 18 SPCS can commonly expect a 50–300% increase in the number of CDMs they receive by adding LeoLabs Collision Avoidance to this workflow.

Scaling Up



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